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Cultivate your Aspiration

with our facials...

At Cultivate Spa, facials are designed to suit individual needs. A personal consultation and skin analysis assist in determining the specific treatment. All facials include tailored treatment of the face, neck and décolleté. All treatments include personalized recommendations for homecare to enhance results.

Perfect combination of elegance and efficiency. High level active ingredients combined with an ultrasonic/blue LED exfoliation ...


Targeted formulas deep cleanse pores to keep them clear and encourage a healthy microbiome for balanced skin. Lightweight textures of ...

This oxygen facial gives energy and life to illuminate fatigued skin. Using cosmetics that are infused with pure oxygen...

Our Reno facial focuses on the care of mature or dry skin with our most sophisticated ingredients. Powerful nourishing herbs like Maitake Mushrooms, hydrating sodium PCA...

This powerful and unique cryo-facial,  focuses on tightening and softening the skin while reducing inflammation...

Facial Additons

Corrective and Antiaging

Ideal for 30+

Corrective and Antiaging

Ideal for 30+

Balancing and Preventive

Customized for any age group. 

Balancing, Preventive, Corrective

Customized for any age group. 

Corrective, Healing, Preventive, Antiaging

Customized for any age group. 

Corrective, Antiaging, Healing

Ideal for 30+, customized for 18+

Antiaging, Healing, Preventive

Ideal for 30+, customized for any age group

Corrective, Antiaging, Preventive

Customized for any age group.

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